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Poornima Alumni Association
Kanika Mathur
Kanika Mathur Date: Thu, 5 January
I got my joining for Capgemini 14th Nov 2016 batch at Mumbai and the domain that I got is RDBMS. Now when I am attending training for RDBMS I am realizing the importance of the subject that I didn't understand at that time and just study for scoring good marks in RTU. As in your supervision we had studied the RTU syllabus for RDBMS and some extra topics.I would like to share that the topics tat we are covering in training are 90% same that we studied in RDBMS lab along with all the basics that we learnt in 4 years from C programming to Compiler Construction, from EDC to TEF, from Computer Networks to Shell Scripting, from DMW to DIP everything is covered. So,I feel very good when the topics are going on in the session and I do not need to stress so much like others. The trainers sometimes ask me that "You are from which college?You know each and every thing" and then I proudly say that I am from Poornima Institute of Engineering & Technology and then they say that your college is no less than any IIT. You have got the perfect knowledge as a trainee. When I hear these sort of words from the trainers every now and then ,I feel so good and this is the reason that I cannot resist myself from sharing all this with you and all the faculties who had made me so capable that I am getting appreciation here. I would like to thank you and all the other faculties for giving so much efforts for making us study.
Kanika Mathur (Alumni - PIET,CS)
Doug Foster
ABHAYJEET SINGH Date: Fri, 28 December
Since the time I graduated from Poornima in 2005, I have remained attached to the group and PAA in one or the other capacity and have been a firsthand witness to the growth of the foundation. PAA has come a long way and has crossed many milestones but yet the horizon seems as distant as it was on day one of my joining. PAA is not a committee but a body of human beings who voluntarily commit themselves to a great movement called POORNIMA FOUNDATION.The essence of a great school lies in the three things: great faculty, great students and a great alumni network.The Alumni are the hope of the College. I genuinely need help and guidance of all the alumni members. I am sure all of you are doing great in your professional as well as personal lives. But only the busy have any time. In the years ahead, you will have to donate your time sacrificially to the College. Time is a function of love. And time is needed from you not merely for attending all meets but also, beyond that, in transferring the vision we shall develop together to as many of our fellow Poornimites as possible. You can be effective, if you put your heart and soul into it, which I am sure you will not withhold from your Alma Mater.So, stay tuned as we roll things out including the Annual Alumni Meets.I am enormously proud of our Foundation and the way it has evolved. I hope you are too. We have a tremendous future and we look forward to having you engaged in it.Poornima loves you. Remember, together we have miles to go and loads to do!
Stay blessed and wish you Godspeed!
Abhayjeet Singh
Jean Galea
ANKIT TIWARI Date: Sat, 5 January
When I started at Poornima College I had struggled to be accomplished academically. Thanks to the College, I have now found that I am successful when undertaking assignments and organising both myself and others. I have had huge amounts of support from both the teachers and administration. I have also made some good friends here who are still with me for the rest of my life,for sure.I am very thankful to Shashikant Sir, Renu Mam, all my teachers and seniors for being a great support from last 10+ years. I never felt that I am passed out from College. Great feeling, being a part of Poornima family.
Jean Galea
ASHUTOSH MODI Date: Sat, 5 January
It feels great when your college not only wants to but also makes every effort to keep in touch with you, even 6 years after passing out of your college. I mean, you were just a student, like thousands of others who kept on passing out year after year, still its amazing to see how every student passing out is still cared for.Hats off to Renu mam and my Lovely College for making each one of us feel so important and always a special part of Poornima.
Jean Galea
Bikash Agarwal Date: Mon, 7 January
Life at Poornima College of Engineering(PCE) has always been about learning on my own. Not the academics part of it but everything else. Being able to choose my own path was what made PCE so close to my heart. I was never constrained by anything other than my own interests. We were treated as adults and as individuals responsible only to ourselves. The sense of worth that we gained out of this was immense. We’ve learned to respect ourselves, not because we were our parents’ sons or daughters or were the alumni of our prior places of learning, but because PCE taught us to value what each one of us had within ourselves. We were given the space to find ourselves and the freedom to be ourselves and for this I am forever indebted to PCE. We got the proper platform to showcase our talents and even make them better in all possible ways. My time here has been the most intense phase of my life and I have enjoyed every single moment of it.
Jean Galea
GURDEEP KAUR Date: Tue, 8 January
If I go back and just reminds up my memory, it really feels great and proud that i was the part of Poornima and now i am really thankful to the PAA for providing this platform where all can go and share their info/memories etc.

Now, being a part of Lnt Infotech, i must say thanks to the Poornima College. 

I would also like to Thanks each and evry memebr of Poornima, faculties, David Sir, my juniors, etc and all who helped me a lot through my career in Poornima.
Proud to be Poornimite!!!!!!!!!

Jean Galea
KUNAL KOTHARI Date: Sun, 6 January
High Discipline, Responsive Team, great faculty, encouraging environment for entrepreneurial endeavors, connectivity with industry and superb efforts to be the best among others ; its all about my wonderfull memories of 4 years and probably the reasons of where i stand today and doing  well in professional life.

I highly appericiate all the efforts made by Renu mam and support team to keep us connected with poornima and wish them to achieve more milestones and great time ahead..

Jean Galea
KUSHAGRA SONI Date: Sat, 7 September
Right from the dawn of my 1st day of college, till the twilight of our Farewell..... Its been my pride to be a part of "Poornima". It has given me the most important companion of my life... "Myself", which i was never known to till i came here.

Over all the years of my Engineering, its had brought our the every talent out of me. And then came the Judgement Day of Recruitments, the result of which i Relish even today, being a proud employee of India's top IT MNC, "Infosys".

Its been my immense pleasure to be a Poornimite or as we use to say it-  "Dynamites". With this, i Would Like to thank each and every Faculty, Mentors, Director Sir, Renu maam, David sir & all others who have played a vital role for my career building.

Jean Galea
MEENAKSHI GUPTA Date: Mon, 7 January
life at poornima was rocking , enjoying every moment , celebrating each & every festival with great enthusiasm , having fun & last but not the least vibrant studies during exams . Being a hosteller i enjoyed each phase of life . today where ever i m & what ever i m is just b'coz of my poornima which developed my confidance to face the world and prove to be somebody among every body .Hats off to my poornima "JAI JAI Poornima Sansthaan,   JAI HO "
Jean Galea
PRADEEP SAND Date: Mon, 7 January
 It gives me immense pleasure when someone asks me to write about my memories. And this is the perfect platform where I can write about my college life and can share my experiences with others. Well being a POORNIMITE, the thing which I developed in myself was CONFIDENCE. The credit goes to the environment I got during my college life, Though I hated the system of my college, still I miss that time a lot. It was an awesome experience being a part of Poornima and being a Poornimite. 

ALUMNI MEET is that one event where I can think of living those memories again. And in addition, PAA helps a lot in finding useful information about our batchmates and other Alumni.

Thanks POORNIMA for still being a part of my life. :) 

Jean Galea
ROHIT SHARMA Date: Thu, 10 January
 Whenever I go through this video (http://youtu.be/OIw1RcMcu8s), i just got lost in memories of those 4 years. Each and every moment start to flow into my eyes like I am sitting in a theatre and watching a movie. All my friends, Teachers Everything is unforgettable.  I really proud for being a Poornimite...........

Jean Galea
Saurabh Chatterjee Date: Mon, 18 November
A thousand words full of worth, Time spent appreciating earth Clouds, sunshine, or even on a rainy day, My admiration for you will never go astray Jaipur, Jodhpur etc , was quite the experience, countless students, am I just one name on a list? Our potential were limitless and everyone had special abilities, 4 years of experience has allowed me to see Academics were important but we never forget to live life People will want to build you up, People will want to tear you down It’s easy to feel lost, But now I can say that I am found." Feel proud to be a Poornimite......... It has given me those things that will stay wid me forever"
Vibhor Sharma
Vibhor Sharma Date: Tue, 11 October
It has been an honour for me to be a part of this institution. This college has given me a lot in terms of learning experience and technical knowledge. The culture of coming to college on daily basis was frustrating initially but in the end of our Engineering, we realise due this factor we interact with everyone and became friends due to which we learned how to live. Still miss the campus of PCE where we have a lot of our college memories. This institute has developed our communication in every manner due to which we are capable of clearing any Interview of any MNC which comes our way. I am a part of Accenture now, we call ourselves as Accenturiates but I'll always remember that I am an Poornimiate first.
Thanks and Regards, Vibhor Sharma (Alumni - PCE)