Poornima Alumni Association

Poornima Alumni Association mission is to enable alumni, students, faculty and staff to maintain their contact with the University and each other for their shared benefit and for the vital support and development of Poornima Group.

The Alumni Association of Poornima Group of Colleges comprises of more than 7,000 undergraduate and graduate alumni, is an exceptional enthusiastic volunteer organization. Alumni are encouraged to proliferate the use of the Alumni site to see the updates related to campus, regional activities and educational opportunities arranged by alumni association members and other Poornima organization members. Poornima Alumni Association has been functioning to maintain the relations of Poornima amongst the passed out students.

With this noble thought in mind, the Executive Committee of the association has come up with a new portal for the Alumni of POORNIMA. Poornima Alumni Association committee expresses its deep gratitude to the distinguished alumni for their affection and co-operation in organizing/participating in the meets and expects the same response in future also.